Adobe Business Catalyst Discontinued! What to do Next?

Adobe Business Catalyst Discontinued! What to do Next?

Earlier this year Adobe announced that it had ended development of Business Catalyst and that any websites running on the Business Catalyst platform would cease to exist by March 2021 which means your site will not be accessible either to the general public, or to site administrators.

Adobe is recommending you find an alternative platform for your site well before March 2021 as no new features will be developed on Business Catalyst and only critical issues will be attended to by a small team, with support prioritised to platform migration questions.

What happens to your Business Catalyst website now?

All clients with Business Catalyst sites need to think about moving their sites to another platform sooner rather than later. For some it will be an easy and welcomed transition and for others with extensive and complex sites, it will be more difficult. Whichever category you fall into, now is the time to start looking at your options.

How Camotion can help

If your site is a Business Catalyst site, chances are it is a few years old anyway, so this is a great opportunity to modernise your site’s design and to take advantage of up to date features and functions.

At Camotion we recommend switching your site to the WordPress platform and have already assisted clients with developing their new WordPress sites.

The WordPress admin is very similar to Business Catalyst and is the most widely used CMS in the world, offering excellent security and integration with many digital marketing tools.

Contact Camotion today for advice on transitioning your site from the Business Catalyst platform.

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